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TWC’s DVR and the Road Runner Portal.

R oad Runner, part of Time Warner Cable, has ben providing high speed internet for years along side high quality web services ranging from news portals, webmail clients and DVRs. Fi has helped out in all of these applications and more. As part of the Road Runner team I have touched all of these projects in one way or the another. The last project that went live was the Road Runner Stats section, which aimed to provide real time NFL stats. The projects was a big technical hurdle using Flex as the base of development.

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My Role

Desgin, UX

Working on Road Runner was the first thing I did when I joined Fi.  There were many projects ongoing with the Road Runner team, some I can show and some I cannot. This project was the last one to go live, though it has since change. Jeez it was a loooong time ago. Things change rapidly on the interwebs.