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Arc90’s Readability Platform.

When Rich Ziade, the founder of Arc90, a design and development firm situated here in Manhattan, approached me to consult for a project called Readability, I jumped at the opportunity. I have been using Readability for a while and loved the product, so when I heard the plans for version 2, I was naturally excited to jump on board. It is one of those projects that you want to get a chance to be part of.

What Readability does is turn any web page into a comfortable and clean read. Cluttered websites with tiny text are something you don’t have to deal with anymore. But the really amazing part is the business model: 70% of all Readability membership fees go directly to writers and publishers. This means that every time a subscriber uses the Readability plugin, a portion of the fees subscribers pay are allocated to the author. It is a truly revolutionary idea in publishing and I was proud to participate in its design.

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My Role


I joined in the beginning stages of the project, laying down initial style guidelines, such as typography, coloring branding, logo etc. Seeing as I am not a brand designer, designing for a brand that promotes the removal of clutter was a nice challenge. Another perk was working opposite my good friend Darren Hoyt, who took the hard work of organizing the mess I left and continued developing and designing the app. He did an amazing job. Finally a project that I actually enjoy as a user!