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National Geographic Events Website.

National Geographic is the only company I have worked for that was part of my childhood, as well as my parents’. So it goes without saying that it was a true privilege to create something for such a respected company. National Geographic Events is all about local events that are held throughout the country. It was a small project that I did in my days at Fi, in between Kontain and EA. Their target users were mainly older age groups, event planners and parents, so I wanted to design something a bit more serious but still have the colorful NG style to it. Hopefully this was achieved, none the less the company was very happy and it was a real joy working with the Nat Geo team..

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My Role


As the lead designer for this project that was done when I was at Fi, I was paired with an amazing interactive developer Kevin Sweeney. Together we communicated with the wonderful team at NatGeo, who were kind enough to give us creative freedom to explore different UIs and styles.