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The Kontain Platform.

Kontain is a destination for creatives to express and share their life and work through all forms of media. Kontain is the brain child of Fi CEO David Hugh Martin, who has been evolving the concept since 1999. Kontain’s main goal was to be so easy your mom could use it, and of course look beautiful while doing so. As active members in a variety of social platforms, our belief was, while there are some tremendous experiences available today, there is serious room for improvement in the way we interact online. With Kontain, we tried to provide an easy and more aesthetically pleasing way to upload, manage and share media. With a large emphasis on aesthetics and ease of use,  we were very humbled and honored to have been nominated for a webby, Best Visual Design - Function.

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My Role

Design, UX

Teamed up with Fi’s CEO David Martin, creative direction / information architecture / visual design was our main task, and I think that we have achieved one of (if not the) best looking social media platform on the web. We were lucky enough to have had the best technical support behind us.  Communicating all the design and functionality to the tech team, was something that I took on, and preformed in our daily meetings. All in all it was a fun project and I am proud to have taken a major role in the creation of it.