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A s a teenager my friends and I use to gather up at either my place or my friend’s and conduct Fifa tournaments for hours and hours. This ritual hasn’t changed that much today (besides the late night phone call from my wife telling me that its 3am and I should come back home…). When I heard that the successful EA Mobile project has earned Fi the rights to build the new EA.com website, I was on cloud nine. To be able to work with a company that has helped shape who I am as a designer was definitely one of the luxuries that came with working at Fi. The goal of the new site was to create an EA web presence that lived up to their name. We created a site where the brand stands out but at the same time steps back a bit to showcase game branding.

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My Role


As part of the Fi design team I took part in the creation of the website from the very start of it. Participating in the initial wireframing, and then moving on to the actual design. At the time I was very involved in many large scale projects such as Kontain and Road Runner, I will be honest and say that I did have writer’s block. But the other amazing designers at Fi came to the plate and helped out and we all managed to pull through.The results are something to be proud of.