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Burgeoning Businesses Across 5 Boroughs

When Spencer Fry first approached me with an idea he had, I was already excited. His vision was to create an index that presents all the startups that are active in New York City. It would be something that would give back to the community and at the same time help people outside of it. This index would not look like your normal boring Crunchbase but will do justice to the city and to the young sturtup movement that is flourishing in it.. Spencer brought along the young, talented Max Spoller to write up the code and backend. Together we plan to build the index into something that will be useful to all.


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My Role

Art dIrection.

I really wanted this site to be the exact opposite of what you would think an index for startups would look like. It had to feel young, vibrant, not take itself too seriously and last but not least, pay tribute to the city we live in. Since I was in charge of both the design and front-end code, I decided that this would be a great opportunity to experiment with HTML5. This was my first project that has been coded completely in HTML5