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Not Just An Ordinary Client.

Designing for the boss, er… I mean the wife is not the easiest thing in the world. But it was a task I was more than happy to tackle. Adva, who I have been married to for over 4 years now, is a visual person, like myself. The only difference is that she leans toward Art, while I lean more to design. One of our favorite things is to debate the distinction between the two with her. She usually wins.

Advuli is a place where Adva can express her visual explorations and experiences. Living in a city (NYC) that has so much to absorb left Adva with the constant urge to document everything she possible can.

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My Role

Design, Husband

Adva loves classical art but enjoys modern as well. That made it slightly difficult for me since I needed to design a site that blends the two together. I decided to base the design upon one of our favorite artists, Alfonso Mucha. Since he is somewhat a bridge between the two disciplines I thought this style would be appropriate. Adva was happy with the results, which made me a happy husband.