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Two of my peers (and amazingly cool people) just released two great articles on A List Apart. Beside the fact that both articles are very very interesting, they were also published in a very forward thinking publication. Yea, I know that A List Apart has been around for a long time but with each monthly publication, I am reminded of how they are doing it right. Every month they release only two quality, thought provoking articles. They publish, god forbid, less. Blasphemy! But the truth is, I have never read something sloppy on that publication. Even if at times there are articles that don’t really spark my interest, they are still written extremely well.

In this day in age, we get bombarded with so much content, sometimes you just want it all to take a break, for someone to hit the pause button and focus on quality over quantity. I really don’t need an article every minute (the Aol-way). I don’t even need an article every day for that matter. I just want quality content, even if it takes a month every time to get it.

Monitization you ask? Well, that may be a topic for some other time. I don’t really have an answer, and I am not sure how many billions A List Apart makes. But one thing is for sure, I would encourage new publications (as well as old) to start trimming down the amount of content they release and try focussing on quality. My friend Phil Coffman is taking this approach with the new Method and Craft and I commend him for it. After all, if Cameron is on the right track with his “Orbital Content” concept (which I personally think he is), then publications may/can start making money from the distribution count as well, hopefully encouraging better quality writing.

Less junk, more focus. Thank you.



April 20, 2011

Absolutely right on Yaron. Lately I’ve also been thinking about the vast amount of poor content that pours onto the internet everyday. There’s just too much and so much of it isn’t worth reading.

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