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I need closure. Not with a girlfriend or anything like that, I’ve been happily married for over four years now, but with my side projects. A few days ago, I realized that papahood is just around the corner, and I still have so many side projets just waiting for a final push. How the fuck am I gonna manage getting them all done and juggle being a father at the same time?

The solution is simple: I need to get it all done now. My plan is to revive all my stale side projects and release them to the public, so that I could have a clear head and focus on more important things, like fatherhood. I’ve got twenty weeks to do it. This means that even if a project isn’t perfected, I will still release it. Heck - better to be live with some defects than blocked from the world because of my manic perfectionism.

The first one of these stale personal projects is The Traffic Is Terrible. The idea started out at a summer party in P.S.1 Moma’s contemporary branch in queens. My two buddies and I were rather tipsy and came up with an idea to have a website were we launch one of our dj sets every month. We thought of a name and came up with The Traffic Is Terrible. God knows how we got to that, but my money is on the beer having something to do with it. 

As life goes, the three of us got distracted and forgot about it completely. Until this weekend. I was working on some of my music, and decided that instead of posting to my blog, I would revive TTIT and post it there. I whipped up a simple holding page in a short amount of time, clearly not focusing on aesthetics of the page but on the quality of the music in it. As soon as I have some more free time, I will return to TTIT’s design but for now, this will have to do. It is really all about the music anyway, not a vanity fair of my design capabilities.

There are 4 more stale projects I am going to try pushing forward:

  • a company listings site
  • a writeboard app
  • a readability tool (using their api)
  • and yes I will try to revive Tweetment as well.

I am also very close on releasing a real product that I am super excited about, but this one I wouldn’t call a “side project”... More on that soon.

Anyways, I just wanted to get that off my chest. Now that this is public knowledge it might get me off my lazy ass (I’m not lazy at all, actually, more like super busy, but lazy ass sounds better) and actually release these things and I’ve got you guys holding me responsible. Jewish guilt trips. They always work.


Ragnar Freyr

June 01, 2011

Good luck. Can’t wait to see the writeboard app. :)
Listening to The Traffic is Terrible. Good stuff right there.


June 01, 2011

Congratulations. I have only 14 weeks until our baby boy i born and I actually find that I’m completing more and more project consistently since we discovered the news. Of course, I’m not involved in as many fun/cool ones as you. ;)


June 12, 2011

Best of luck to you! It is indeed VERY difficult to manage your normal workload, much less side projects, when you have a child. I speak as a recently new father. It can no doubt be managed, if you rigorously schedule your time. It is just following that schedule - not getting distracted and off track - that is the challenge (for me at least).


July 05, 2011

It’s been a month, time to guilt-trip. How have things been?

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